Saturday, 3 May 2014

It will all hurt #1 - Where the mind goes

Reverie Fellowship
Farel Dalrymple's It will all hurt is a fantastic comic book. A dreamscape set on a post-apocalyptic earth. A shapeshifter, a wizard, an astronaut, a martial artist, a community forming slowly. A confrontation between them and a Red Sword Wizard named Every will happen eventually, but it is hardly the point of the book. It is a dream we delve into.

Dalrymmple explores themes of loneliness, friendship and adventure. Dalrymple's art, his watercolor landscapes and esoteric characters, is fabulous and delightful to admire. And perhaps this is what truly matters, the journey being more important than the destination. There is a strong feeling of unease for the characters as we know the world is dangerous, filled with rules we do not fully understand yet. The unknown is mysterious and strange. This land is perilous and risky. The adventurers are brave and audacious. It is fascinating.

I have been lucky enough to acquire a print copy from Study Group a few months ago and have since contributed to their kickstarter to obtain the second copy of It will all hurt. It is a fantastic accomplishment and I'm glad I've been able to gaze upon such a wonderful book. The print edition of #1 contains the first two chapters and chapter 3 to 5 are already available on the Study group website. I highly recommend it for any science-fiction and adventure fan. This book is thrilling.

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