Saturday, 29 March 2014

Mission Statement

Welcome to Barbed Comics

It is with great pleasure that I introduce my mission statement for this blog. My goal is to provide readers with a good source of critical analysis and reviews of indie-alternative comics as well as mainstream comic books and graphic novel, both current and past.

Why "Barbed Comics"?

I tend to be quite harsh and critical when it comes to my appreciation of comic book and most cultural products. I have been loving comic books since I was a kid and I love the medium. I believe that it is impossible to be interested in something and not develop a critical point of view on it. It seemed a propos to used "barbed" as it means "cutting" "biting" "critical" "harsh" "unkind" "sarcastic" and I'm also a bearded man "barb" seemed relevant.

What will this blog look like?

At this point I don't know, as I have never had a blog previously. Bear with me, I'll do my best. I will point out the bad as well as the good in the books selected and I intend to be as honest as possible with what I will review.

The book club

I am part of a comic book book club which convenes 6 to10 times a year. I'll bring feedback from the group on the books we review. The book title will be be announced in advance if you wish to read it and comment.